Office Fit Out Perth


A Proven Plan to Create An Efficient, Productive Office and Workspace Design in Your Business in the Next Couple Of Month’s – Without a Fancy Schmancy Consultant, Unreliable Tradesmen and YASSS…Even if You Have No Fit-Out Ideas At All!


Okay…don’t even think about investing in a consultant, architect, builder, and interior designer until you’ve heard us out!


People make creating an efficient, productive, functional, on-brand, ergonomically designed office space that boosts productivity and builds trust with your clients soooo freaking complicated and it doesn’t have to be!!


Yassss, you can create an efficient, productive, functional, on-brand, ergonomically designed office space that boosts productivity and builds trust with your clients anytime you want and all without hiring a fancy schmancy design consultant, wasting hours scouring the internet, collecting a huge repertoire of ideas, dealing with legal mumbo jumbo, or getting frustrated with unreliable tradesmen. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a proven fit out process and deal with just one office fit out expert in perth?!!


That sounds lovely, right? 





We have pulled together our best 4D Projects Fit Out Process designed to…




We can – and WILL – help you create an efficient, productive workspace without adding hours of extra work to your already jam-packed to-do list.


Companies are investing more into their office fit-outs to attract talent and to gain higher levels of employee satisfaction.


We wanted this process to be as simple as possible so that no matter where you are in your business, your unique commercial office fitout will be completed end-to-end without any hassle to you!


Our unique, combination of services, allow us to manage your entire fitout process. That means one line of communication the whole way through. Just you and Wayne: your one-on-one fitout trade expert and Project Manager.


From creating concepts and layouts, using quality materials in the construction process and choosing furniture that’s directly delivered on time, Wayne will be there every step of the way. 


He’ll tackle every problem, question and concern during the early stages to prevent bumps along the way. His knowledge and experience in the game allows him to pinpoint and troubleshoot hiccups to save time and extra budget expenses.


You can finally create an efficient, productive workspace in as little as a couple of months.


Sometimes you need a new office fit-out, office refurbishment or office reconfiguration


  • your workplace needs to evolve into a highly interactive and flexible work hub that encourages collaboration, creative thinking and employee well-being.


  • you want to grow your business and wish you had a more functional, beautiful and productive commercial workspace design solution that would attract more of the right customers into the door.


  • You know this image building game is about RELATIONSHIPS but you gotta get people to engage with your business image first!


  • you even know that visual elements HEAVILY IMPACT CUSTOMER BEHAVIOUR more than anything else (like 40-60x more!) but can’t come up the solutions.


Whether you need a new office fit-out, refurbishment or reconfiguration for future growth or to save your butt in a bad climate, we can inspire you, on your terms, whenever you need it?


Here are just some of the things you get when
you decide to invest in a 4D Projects Office Fit Out


  • Endless list of professional service providers – 100’s of professionals and licensed contractors in every conceivable service niche that we will match to YOUR business, to achieve an ideal finish in accordance with building standards!


  •  You will be inspired by a load of ideas that have been designed to maximize engagement with your customers and staff. 


  •  A done for you fit out that is ready for you to show off to your customers ON TIME and ON BUDGET! All you have to do is complete the Request A Chat With Wayne form, meet with Wayne on site and TAKE THE CREDIT when you unveil your dream project.



You also get some jaw-dropping bonuses


(and, frankly, these are worth a lot on their own!)


Bonus #1
Viral Impact
  • We have created loads of bespoke commercial fit outs that have created a viral impact in those businesses. We’re going to be GIVING you one of those fit outs very soon so that you can go forth and do the same!


Bonus #2
Other Types of Services
  • Did you know, we also include “other types” of services. We can do our fitout magic whilst you stay operational and we can de-fit and make-good your old premises. We will handle all the stress, so that you can look forward to something ah-may-zing!


Bonus #3
Post Fit Out Maintenance
  • YES! We even do post fit out maintenance to make your life as simple as possible! You can simply give Wayne a call and VOILA, you are in business!



YES! I I Want To Request A FREE Chat With Wayne: The One-On-One Fitout Trade Expert And Project Manager Now!

 Go On… You KNOW You Want To!



A Little Bit About Wayne


Hi! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Wayne Ford, Project Manager, highly sought-after fit out strategist, and small business owner.

I have built multiple office fit outs over the past 29 plus years and I have learned a lot of tricks to “making da money” as they say. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, to include some of Perth’s top brands like Sportsgirl, Toyota, and DG Global Productions, and heaps of influential business leaders with business image building strategies.  

And, I’ve inspired small business owners just like you to create an efficient, productive workspace when they needed it.  

I love helping ordinary people discover their unique “possibles” so that they can build extraordinary businesses that help them live the life of their dreams. 

I created 4D Projects to give business owners the capacity and know-how to easily create an efficient, productive workspace and build their business image– without launching a new product/service, hiring a new team, or dealing with technology.


Not Sure if a 4D Projects Office Fit Out is For You?


You’re probably skeptical and wondering if a new office fit out, renovation or simple reconfiguration would work for you. I would be too!


So here are some nice things that REAL PEOPLE
JUST LIKE YOU have to say about 4D Projects…
David Taylor, Managing Director, AOT Consulting Pty Ltd

“Overall, we were delighted with the outcome and we have received much praise from our clients on the office design. An objective of ours was to create something special yet also appearing as simple in the design.

As a professional services firm we wanted our clients to feel comfortable and at ease while at the same time being captivated by an impression of professionalism and efficiency. 

Simplicity is a complex matter and your advice in translating our ideas into a workable design was fundamental to achieving this. 

We were also impressed with your ability to work in with our ideas and take the time to understand the way that we do business…

We had interviewed other design firms and were of a view that we would be channeled into their thinking and way of doing things and knowing the way that we operate, it was important to find someone that would have empathy without objectives and method of operation. 

As you are aware, the entry statement was a complete blank in our thinking, and you were able to create a concept design that blended well with the overall office design and created the professional statement that we wanted. This delivered the “wow” factor that I recall you talking to us about at the time…

The Property Managers of the Forrest Centre – CB Richard Ellis – has candidly stated that our office is the best fit-out in the whole building and the lnsurance Commission itself who own and occupies the building has expressed a similar view.

Overall, we are very pleased with the services provided and the way you approach business from both a professional and pragmatic perspective”


Mark Hay, Principal, Mark Hay Realty Group

“Wayne Ford carried out renovations for Mark Hay Realty Group on two separate occasions. He quoted for the work promptly, arrived on time and completed the work in the time frame scheduled. Wayne displayed good management of his trades and any minor problems that were encountered were reported immediately and quickly resolved. I was pleased with the way that Wayne conducted himself in a business notorious for tardiness and lack of follow up and I have indeed recommended his services to a client of mine who is currently having work undertaken”


Grant Pestell, Managing Partner, Murcia Pestell Hillard Lawyers

 “As a commercial client of this firm, I can vouch for Wayne Ford’s honesty and integrity in all of my dealings with him. Mr Ford has through all commercial dealings with us proved himself to be conscientious and understanding of his client’s requirements. I have found Mr Ford to be a very amiable and professional person who interacts well with people. His professionalism, initiative and integrity would stand him in good stead for any task at hand”


 John Davidson, Managing Director Euromel Group

“I have great pleasure and confidence in recommending Wayne as a unique and invaluable human resource for your project…. his ability’s, talents, nature, ethics, and authenticity will be appreciated at all levels and his abilities to deliver what-ever challenges you see fit to accord him will be accomplished with precision, professionalism and above all, passion”





Here’s why you don’t want to wait to invest in a 4D Projects Office Fit Out In Perth.



The environment you work in can have a bigger impact on your employees and your customers than you may think.

This is why a fresh and functional office fitout is vital to increase staff morale, ensure efficiency in your workspace environment and it portrays a modern image to your customers and clients. 

Every Perth office has the opportunity to have an office fitout it deserves!

You can stop wasting time scouring the internet trying to figure out how to do this on your own – without any guarantee of success.

When you invest in a 4D Projects Office Fit Out, you get instant access to everything in Wayne’s brain and can start creating your dream fit out immediately.

How’s that for motivation?



The 4D Projects office fit out Perth wide process is THE MOST PAINLESS, MOST SUPPORTIVE fit out process that helps transform your workplace into a functioning and stylish hive of activity that your employees will enjoy working in and your clients will love to visit.

We don’t just explain the what, how, and why. We do everything. We’re talking bespoke ideas, planning permissions & regulations, design & documentation, construction specifications, manufacture to supply & installation and finally inspections & handover so you can check out your dream Perth office fit out.

PLUS…if you’re not confident or you’re scared about running the maintenance of your office, We’ve got your back! There’s a 4D Projects service dedicated to post fitout maintenance.

Wayne is there to support you every step of the way so that you have everything you could possibly need to generate a successful business future with a fresh and functional office fitout that is vital to increase staff morale, ensure efficiency in your workspace environment and it portrays a modern image to your customers and clients.



We manage and coordinate all licensed trade contractors throughout all office fitouts, saving you the time and stress and guaranteeing the works are performed in accordance with building standards and scheduled appropriately in order to deliver your fitout on time. 4D Projects is THE most comprehensive fit out system out there.

Here are just some of the things you get when you invest:

  • Plenty of “get to know each other” time… material selections, furniture, equipment, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff.


  • Access to Wayne, your own project manager. There’s no question off limits, so you have NO excuse for staying confused about ANY aspect of your new business fit out. 


  • We’ll outline the next steps of your plan, rev-up your enthusiasm, and keep you consistently progressing toward your goals! 


  • Optional Post-Fit-Out-Maintenance-Program where you can send over your questions, concerns, and requests any time you want. Wayne or an expert from our team will be back in touch with the info you need – usually within 24 to 48 hours!  


  • Wayne and our team will do ALL of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to creating a successful fit out that’s just for YOU. In case you’re not familiar, a “4D Projects fit out” is a journey that takes your soon-to-be buyers from, “Hi! Nice to meet you” to, “I want to buy EVERYTHING you sell!”


  • We’ll bring in experienced, passionate experts to provide insider insights to help you ramp up, launch, and prosper from unique fit out ideas. Together, access to each of the experts would cost $1,000’s… but thanks to the relationships we’ve built, you’re getting them all as part of your 4D Projects fit out process! 


  • We’ll put together a hand-picked bespoke team of fit out experts to help you with any area of building, designing, and finishes within your business fit out. From things like an industry compliance expert, a space analysis and traffic flow pro, a furniture and equipment expert, an interior designer and many more! We can’t wait to share them with you!


  • And more!!! 


And it’s all yours..right here..right now


I rest my case.
You and I both know that there’s really only one rational choice here! 😉

Let’s Consider the Future for a Minute..


Humor me and imagine that in a couple months from now you lose one of your clients. OUCH, that is going to sting a bit, right?

What will you do to plug the empty hole where money used to be?

Or, let’s say you don’t lose a client, but you need a little extra income…to attend an event, fix your company car, or pay your salary during a rough patch.

What’s going to save your bacon in these scenarios? What’s your plan? 

If there is something that allows you to survive these situations, would you do it?


Because there is…


After you’ve requested A Chat with Wayne and implemented a 4D Projects office fit out, you can take a deep sigh of relief because you will have an efficient, productive, functional, on-brand, ergonomically designed office space that boosts productivity and builds trust with your clients to earn those extra $ in times of trouble or prosperity.

4D Projects gives you confidence and assurance while reducing your anxiety about the future success of your business image. And, peace of mind is worth quite a lot in my book!


NOW is your time to have that forever solution in your back pocket!


YES! I Want To Request A FREE Chat With Wayne: The One-On-One Fitout Trade Expert And Project Manager Now!