combustible cladding replacement perth4D Projects alongside Vision Clad Australia have achieved great outcomes in the replacement of Non-Compliant Combustible Cladding.

This has recently become mandatory since the West Australian Government ordered the State Wide Cladding Audit into potentially combustible cladding materials.

If your Building was Included in this Audit and Identified as being Moderate, High or Extreme Risk then it is inevitable that you will be required by your local Council (Permit Authority) under a Building Order – Form BA21 to act, once issued you will be required to carry out an Independent Fire Safety Engineering Assessment Report (FSEA Report) by an appropriately accredited Fire Safety Engineer to determine the extent of remedial and replacement works required to mitigate your Risk Level to that of Low or better, this is part of the process we can assist with to ensure the accuracy of your risk situation.

As an example should the State Wide Cladding Audit identify you (Strata Company) as a HIGH RISK you will then be required to remove and replace all or parts of the affected areas with that of an NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) approved Non-combustible ACP that satisfies the requirements outlined in Specification C1.1 of Volume 1 of the National Construction Code (NCC) and relevant Building Code of Australia (BCA).

We have experienced that most Strata Companies and Building Owners are at a loss to know where to start when they are served with a Building Order from their local Council or Government Authority and they end up with Consultants not accredited and Contractors that don’t specialise in this field and ultimately it becomes a costly waste of time with little or no success, hence we are then contracted to do the “fix up” but we’d rather get on board from the beginning where we can navigate your pathway to Certified Building Compliance in the first Instance which is the best and required outcome for all stake holders.

We have a model of compliance and replacement working closing with the Permit Authorities to ensure the most efficient and cost effective of any other available in Perth and would like to offer our service to any Strata Company in need of it.

We hope by this approach we can help more Strata Company’s, Property Managers and Building Owners simplify their needs in Recladding and Compliance requirements by Inviting them to contact me directly or Giuliano Dichiera (0402 792 355) at Vision Clad Australia, in doing so they can become fully and comprehensively informed of their options in achieving the necessary recladding outcomes required to maintain and ensure their Fire Life Safety Compliance, additionally their Buildings Property Insurance Premiums will be contained at fair and reasonable rates, again due to satisfying the necessary Building Compliance.