Medical Fit Out Perth

Why constantly struggle to keep your head above water when you can create a lasting impact with an engaging medical fit out and get your life back?


Let’s work together to take your medical fit out to the NEXT level of success and create a thriving AND scale-able business image.


“I’m SO ready for more success and income, Sonia!
Let’s talk about this!”




  • Take back control of your medical business and the new fit out… instead of feeling overworked and overwhelmed!


  • Stop wearing dozens of “tradie hats” every day… and focus on what you’re brilliant at doing!


  • Reclaim your passion and joy for your medical fit out… and let brain fog and those fears of burnout drift away!


  • Chill out knowing that you finally have an experienced medical fit out business you can depend on! 


  • Scale your image and success without scaling your hours! 


Hey there!

You know, you and I might not have met (yet)… but I’ve got a hunch that I know a little bit about what you’re going through with your pending medical, dental, vet, medi-spa, or salon fit out right now.

Hear me out and let me know if I’m on the right track.


  •  I get the feeling that you’ve been looking endlessly online for fit out inspiration for a while now, and you’re at a place where you just feel “stuck.” You just can’t seem to move past your current fit out ideas… and you’re still struggling to get noticed by the right kinds of potential clients. 


  •  I’m thinking that you’re “chief, cook, and bottle washer” with your business fit out. In other words, you’re responsible for pretty much every aspect of your business fit out ideas… mostly because you can’t seem to find the right fit out people (and you don’t really have time to sort through every one of them anyway!).


  •  Something tells me you haven’t had a day off in for-freaking-ever, either. Heck, the last time you took a vacation, you probably took your laptop or tablet with you so you could work on the fit-out design during the trip, didn’t you? 


  •  And I bet that you’ve wondered more than once if you’re on the path to burnout. There have probably been a few days (or more) when you’ve actually thought about just sticking with the tired, inefficient old fit out and letting your business image slowly decline!  
How’d I do?


My guess is, I’m at least correct with 2. 

And that’s a problem, because if you can relate to 2 out of those 4 issues, then you are under a heck of a lot of pressure. (And if you can relate to 3 or 4… then you’re at “critical” level, my friend.)


But what if your medical fit out didn’t have to be so overwhelming?


What if, instead of feeling like your medical fit out is a runaway freight train with you hanging on for dear life from the caboose, you could feel completely in control of your time, schedule, and budget?


What if you had the best project manager to delegate 100% of your fit outs most time-consuming tasks… without a single worry that something won’t get done?


And what if you had the power to massively scale your business image and growth – without adding more work hours to your already impossible schedule?


What would that do for you? 


  • Well, first, it would most likely give you a HUGE sense of relief. You’d FINALLY have the freedom to enjoy what you’ve been working so hard for… and to take the steps you need to seriously produce an amazing fit out!


  • You’d actually be able to LOVE your workplace again… instead of feeling that it’s become a dungeon master who keeps you chained to your work 24/7!


  • You’d get to feel an unshakable sense of optimism… because your perfect workplace fit out is no longer tied to how many hours you spent on it! You’d have the power to create your dream fit out… while spending more of your time doing what you love!


  • And then there would be this deep sense of satisfaction, because you’re helping WAY more people than you ever could have helped in your business when you were running yourself ragged!



“Ha ha. That sounds amazing, Sonia. Too bad that’s all just a really awesome daydream.”



I thought you might say that.   

But let me put your mind at ease here. I know it’s possible…. because I’ve done it. 


I had my own Day Spa that was the LARGEST in the southern hemisphere with 45,000 clients on the database (and 30 staff). 

Sounds great, right? Believe me, I do know that lots of people only dream of having that kind of success.  


I was working all kinds of crazy hours…

I was trading my time for limited money…

If I needed to take time off, no one was there to take care of things…

And I really had to find larger premises to grow my business!






Every time I’d start working on ideas for my new Day Spa Fit Out, a colleague would show up with some emergency… and I’d have to drop everything and go deal with it! 


And of course, by the time I “put out all the fires” for my colleague, I’d come back to a half-dozen other colleagues needing my time…


… so it would be weeks or even months before I got back to working on my “Day Spa Dream Fit Out.” 


“So much for hitting my income goals this year,” I’d say to myself. “Again.” 


Sound familiar?


Anyway, so I was at my desk at 5:00AM one day, and I was mentally preparing myself for sending my ideas (hand-drawn plans) to more than 50 different service providers by email… 


…and it suddenly hit me that I had NO idea why I was even spending my time on that task because none of them would get back to me anyway (especially at 5AM)! 


I mean, was dealing with each of them personally ultimately going to grow my business? No, not really.


Was it going to make my Day Spa fit out more fulfilling? No. 


Was it going to help me reach my goals? Heck no!  


So how had I gotten so far off track in my business that I was prying myself out of bed at 5AM to tackle this silly task?!


Well, that was the day I decided I was going to find the best commercial fit out company in Perth… so I could spend my time on the tasks that truly “moved the needle” for my business. 


It didn’t happen overnight, of course… but through a conversation with a trusted marketing guru, I was advised, there was only one choice… a chat to Wayne from 4D Projects Perth… and I was on my way to a fabulous fit out that pumped cash into my account no matter where I was or what I was doing!


 I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was the day when the beautifully engaging and super efficient fit out by 4D Projects actually paid for itself in increased income. 


To me, that meant much more than just success… it meant the freedom to scale my business MY way and decide for myself just how much income I wanted to make! 


But you know what felt even better? 


Knowing that my new business fit out wasn’t dependent on my attention (or even my presence)!


I did worry that if I couldn’t be in control of every moment of my fit out for some reason, it would turn out wrong. Now, I could confidently leave it in the hands of my “4D” Project Manager, and each task would be perfectly completed like clockwork! 


That’s what happens when you use the best fit out team in Perth that aren’t solely dependent on you being there! 


Now… my question to you is…


If you had the opportunity to find the same kind of peace with your business fit out… would you take it?

I mean, let’s say that you had the opportunity to finally stop letting your business fit out run over you. 



that you had access the same systems, strategies, and resources that allowed me to go from trading hours for dollars… to creating a perfect business fit out that didn’t require me to do everything myself… or to be “on call” 24/7! 



that you could dramatically decrease your workload… while creating the business growth, image, and success that has eluded you for so long. 



that you had a whole “tribe” of expert tradesmen and designers sharing your journey to fit out success with you… and that you could get the answers, support, and encouragement you need… any time of the day from your one-on-one project manager. 


Now… I’d like you to stop imagining… because that opportunity is MUCH closer that you think!




In just a couple of months you could be experiencing a new, powerful, profitable version of your business…


and the freedom, success, and joy you deserve from your business!