Hospitality Fit Out Perth


It’s ok. Sit down here with me – I’ve got something juicy to tell ya!


4D Projects is for hard-working, talented hospitality business owners, foodies, and service providers like you who need the systems, clarity, and room in their businesses to get out of the time-for-money grind.


Together, we’re going to be helping you build your hospitality business fit out from the ground up… with project management from start to finish, that will let you get “out of the weeds” in your business fit out project… and put you back in control so you can enjoy AMAZING growth over the next year! 


4D Projects is for you if…


  • You’re a food and beverage business owner who is tired of having 100% of your time wasted by unreliable tradies.


  • You want to scale your business image… but you feel like you haven’t been able to catch your breath long enough to make any real progress.


  • You’re tired of never being able to go on vacation – or even take the kids to the park – without being interrupted by a colleague with an emergency. 


  • You catch yourself spending your “me time” on piddly tasks that don’t really contribute to the growth of your business image… but you can’t seem to figure out what you should be focusing on instead.


  • You’re starting to feel like your new hospitality business fit out has stopped being fun at all… and you long for the day when you can actually look forward to work again!


“So, What Makes 4D Projects Different From Any Other Perth Hospitality Fit Out Company, Sonia?”


Listen, I know that a new fit out is a significant commitment…. So, I definitely want you to pick the right one! 


The first thing I can tell you about 4D Projects is that we’re 100% focused on practical application. That means that we’re not going to be taking up your time with a bunch of untested “cool ideas” and fluff to make you think you’re getting your money’s worth (until you try us, that is.)


Wayne and our team will be working right alongside you to help identify your biggest opportunities, avoid or minimize your obstacles and challenges, create a fit-out plan for explosive growth, and implement each step of the plan!


That means that, by the end of the 4D Projects fit out, you’ll have everything in place to quickly replace your time from your food and beverage services… and then to scale your business image and influence as big as you want!


And we’ll be working with you to simplify your business fit out, so you can stay focused on only the most important issues. That way, you get your time back… while “taking your foot off the brake” when it comes to time consuming tasks!


Second… you’ll never have to worry about “going it alone.” You’ll have Wayne, your own project manager who is like-minded, driven and at your side, ready to help! You’ll get the expert advice, tips, support, accountability, and encouragement you need to make measurable progress toward your fit-out goals – easily and consistently.


Finally, I’m not going to pretend that this is some “push button” solution for scaling your business image. I know a lot of “experts” out there claim that they can transform your hospitality business fit out overnight…


…but the simple truth is, it does take time, dedication and work.


We’re not going to be able to avoid that part. But as a 4D Projects client, you’ll have every advantage possible to make consistent, impressive progress toward your restaurant, food court outlet or coffee shop business fit out success goals!


“Sounds. AMAZING! So…what do I get as a 4D Projects Fit Out Client?” 


I’m glad you asked! I’d be delighted to tell you about all of the resources you’re getting when you decide to invest in your business with a 4D Projects Fit Out today.


Fair warning, though… I’m almost obsessive about packing WAY more value into being our client (and especially our young Perth entrepreneurs) this is going to be kind of a long list! 




This is where true magic can happen! This is where we gather together to brainstorm, plan, and execute our butt-kicking hospitality fit out…and have a whole lot of fun in the process!


I think that you’ll find everything in this part of the process truly magical. When you share, tweak and get AH-MAY-ZING ideas from your project manager and the team, you can truly begin to see your goals come to life!


So, Let’s Go Through The Checklist, Shall We?


LIVE Mastermind Meetings

Firstly, we’re getting together in person… at your business site to envisage your new fit out… the part we LOVE!


We’ll be digging into the details of your fit-out plan, finding and eliminating obstacles, brainstorming for serious success solutions, and basically making your hospitality business fit out self-sufficient so you can enjoy life your way… with plenty of time left in the tank! 


And, of course, we’re going to have a BLAST, too! After all, making BIG gains with your business fit out can’t just be all about work, right?


So, expect plenty of “get to know each other” time… material selections, furniture, equipment, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. When you leave each meeting, your motivation AND your confidence will be at peak levels… so you can get busy winning! 


Q&A Calls

As a 4D Projects client, you’re getting access to Wayne, your own project manager. There’s no question off limits, so you have NO excuse for staying confused about ANY aspect of your new business fit out. 


As we’re working together to create your new workspace, be sure to jot down your questions. That way, you can get the insights you need at the next meeting!


One-on-One Calls with WAYNE!

In addition, you’re getting one-on-ones with your personal project manager Wayne! Anytime you like, jump on a call to assess our progress, we’ll outline the next steps of your plan, rev-up your enthusiasm, and keep you consistently progressing toward your goals! 


Post Fit Out Maintenance

When we say you NEVER have to feel lost… we mean it! So, we’ve set up an optional Post-Fit-Out-Maintenance-Program where you can send over your questions, concerns, and requests any time you want. Wayne or an expert from our team will be back in touch with the info you need – usually within 24 to 48 hours!  


Access to the 4D Projects Social Sites

No matter if it’s time for morning coffee or time for a double-pour of pinot noir where you are, you’ll find friends, mentors, and even partners waiting for you in the 4D Projects Social Sites!


This is where our Business owners mingle, share stories and tips, and form bonds that last for years. Some of our business owners have even formed strategic partnerships that have helped them create more success even faster… while transforming the lives of even more people! 


Whew… That’s A LOT, Right?


I’m only getting started! Just take a look at these BONUSES…


Your Done-for-You Custom Fit Out Process

We’ve organized this Process to take you on a step-by-step journey that lands at the doorstep of your exciting, low-stress business fit out. But you don’t have to do all the hard work to get your fit out up and running and impressing your customers.


In fact, Wayne and our team will do ALL of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to creating a successful fit out that’s just for YOU. 


In case you’re not familiar, a “4D Projects fit out” is a journey that takes your soon-to-be buyers from, “Hi! Nice to meet you” to, “I want to buy EVERYTHING you sell!”


And that involves a lot of researching, data analysis, and tech headaches that would probably make you fall asleep at the laptop. 


So, to make it even easier for you to complete your fit out without committing to a whole bunch of extra work… Wayne and our team are going to build your customized fit out process FOR you! 


That’s right… it’s like getting the gift of a fully-trained, experienced personal assistant working for you 24/7… except that you don’t have to pay your personal assistant or give her days off! 


One-on-One Systems Meeting

At our meeting, you’ll spend an hour or more with Wayne, your project manager. Together, you’ll take a look at how effective your current business systems are and discover opportunities to make your business even sweeter. 


At the end of each meeting, you’ll have a complete plan for implementing and fine-tuning systems that will get you to that successful business image you’ve been hoping for! 


Master Expertise

Throughout our fit-out career, we’ve been fortunate enough to cozy up to a whole bunch of commercial fit out subject matter experts who are the best in the biz at what they do. And we’ve learned a LOT from them.


So now we’re bringing their wisdom and expertise to you through exclusive brainstorms that you’ll ONLY find in the 4D Projects fit out process.


Each fit out, we’ve brought in experienced, passionate experts to provide insider insights to help our clients ramp up, launch, and prosper from unique fit out ideas. Together, access to each of the experts would cost $1,000’s… but thanks to the relationships we’ve built, you’re getting them all as part of your 4D Projects fit out process! 


Access to “Team 4D”

You will be supported along the way not only by Wayne but also our team! We’ll put together a hand-picked bespoke team of fit out experts to help you with any area of building, designing, and finishes within your business fit out. From things like an industry compliance expert, a space analysis and traffic flow pro, a furniture and equipment expert, an interior designer and many more! We can’t wait to share them with you!


Just days from now, a smart new business owner will join 4D Projects to create the scalable, high-earning hospitality fit out of their dreams. 




Right now, there’s still a spot for you in the 4D Projects Calendar.


We’re ready to pour you a glass of wine (or a hot cup of coffee, if you prefer) and welcome you to one of the most amazing Fit Out Companies in Perth. 


We’re super-excited about rolling up our sleeves with you and getting to work helping you create your new hospitality fit out… and empowering you to LOVE your business again. 


But what I’m MOST excited about… is adding YOUR success story when you’re raking in cash every day with your new business image! 




But before you schedule a time to chat about your spot in the 4D Projects calendar…


Look, I know you’re sitting there thinking, “Ok, Sonia… when are you going to tell me how to get in on the 4D Fit Out Process already?”


And I promise I’ll get to that in just a second. 


But I want to make absolutely sure that this is the right move for you. I mean, I’m pretty sure it is (otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this) … but let’s double-check anyway:


A 4D Projects Fit Out is for you if you’re:


  • COMPLETELY OVER the “hours of looking online” … and spending every waking hour on your business fit out ideas!


  • BURNT OUT on dealing with dozens of fit out checklists and tasks a day (by yourself, of course)!


  • DONE WITH playing small… and ready to seriously scale your business image!


  • TIRED OF feeling overwhelmed… and ready for a business fit out that lets you actually live your life!


But please move along if you’re:


  • An info-junkie who wants to just DREAM about a new fit out… but not DO.


  • Convinced that getting to the next level is only for other people.


  • Unwilling to commit to seriously up-leveling your biz image (and your income) over the next 12 months. 


  • Not ready to learn the simple steps you need to complete your new fit out… and not willing to claim the success and freedom that you deserve. 


You’re still here, so it’s time to schedule a chat! 


So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the next thing you need to do is book your Chat with Wayne.


I promise he won’t take up too much of your time. But it’ll give you a chance to get to know each other… and for you to ask any questions you might have before we get you set up. 




Easy – just click the button below and we’ll discuss an available time in our calendar! 




We can’t wait to chat with you!


P.S.:  I know you’re probably wondering about the cost. Well, first, keep in mind that we’re building you a unique to you, income producing fit out here to get you to the business image success fast. So that will depend on a lot of variables, but part of the process is working to your budget 🙂


P.P.S.: Because Wayne and our team are spending a LOT of one-on-one time with our clients, we have to limit the number we let into the 4D Projects Fit Out Process. Once we reach that limit in the calendar, the doors are closed for another few months. Why miss out on that chance – book your call with Wayne today!