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Design, Construct and Refurbish your Office Space


Refurbishing your existing workplace is a great way to bring life back into a worn environment. We are passionate about rethinking a space. Whether it’s an existing tenancy space, a whole floor or a whole building, refurbishments or re-configurations of existing commercial spaces allow for more flexibility and offer a friendlier option for your budget.

Small things can make a huge difference to a workspace. This may include incorporating new office furniture such as; office desks and chairs that offer a better use of space, changing or updating floor coverings, a new engaging shopfront sign, or some  decorative color glazing. How about we incorporate some custom joinery and shelving to display your stock effectively, rearrange partitions to make better use of your floorspace or a simple coat of paint.

By now, I hope you’ve had a chance to peek in and see what’s waiting for you if you decide we are a fit for you.  

So many are telling me that they feel like I am totally speaking to them and I understand their strugglesThe funny part is that it’s easy for me to know where you are because I have been there myself!

I also know that there’s a little alarm bell going off in the back of your head. 

It’s telling you something like, “This refurbishing stuff must cost an absolute fortune! There’s NO WAY I can afford it!”

Do I have that about right? 

I hear ya, so let’s take a moment and chat about that

I am going to shoot straight with ya…your new 4D Projects workplace update is an investment in getting where you want to go FASTER than you could, if ever, do on your own!

Right now, you don’t know what you don’t know. But, by joining us, you WILL get where you want to be FASTER and you will be able to do it more effectively AND avoid some of the costly mistakes that I made.

Over the years, I have learned that when I don’t know how to get where I want to go, I find someone who has traveled that path that can help me get there faster

The insider intel and secret strategies I learned paid back what I invested in every professional I have ever confided in – OVER AND OVER again! 

That’s EXACTLY how it will be with Your 4D Projects fit out.

Plus, it gives you the chance to work directly with Wayne and our team in a way that is much more affordable than multiple one on one building experts would be, plus you get the benefit of the 4D team of contractors community support, which I can’t stress enough how valuable this is.

Let’s put it this way…if I asked you to hand me a dollar and I gave you back $30…would ya take that deal?

All day long, right?

Imagine what it can SAVE you and what you WILL GAIN if you invest in your business. 

Think about it…where will you be in a year? Still where you are or soaring to new heights that you never imagined?!

So, take a minute, book your call with Wayne and let’s chat to see if we are a fit for up-leveling your business!


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Could your workplace benefit from a commercial refurbishment? 


Save Costs and Hassle

When you need to update your workspace, whether it be to have more space for new employees or to achieve a more functional and practical work environment, a refurbishment project can be a more affordable solution than moving and relocating offices. A refurbishment can be carried out in stages or outside hours to ensure minimal disruption and downtime to your day-to-day work and resulting in a new office space without the hassle of relocating!

Get the Right Look for Your Space

Workplaces that start to look tired and outdated can reflect in the morale and productivity of your team. Your workplace is a reflection of your business, an office refurbishment can ensure your commercial space has a fresh and contemporary look and feel which leaves a lasting and positive impression with all your staff and customers and boosting your overall brand image. 

New Facilities 

Improving the facilities of your business can make your workplace a more comfortable and productive environment for you and your staff to work in. Consider an office refurbishment upgrade of the reception area, new boardroom or kitchen, or perhaps install new furniture in the breakout space. 4D Projects can discuss your refurbishment needs in your existing premises. 

Maximise Your Space

You may be surprised by how much can be achieved with a simple refurbishment to improve the space and functionality of your workplace. It may only take a simple layout change or the seamless integration of new furniture or partitions to make the space bigger, more useable and more practical than it was before.

Environmental Sustainability 

If having an environmentally sustainable workplace is important for your business, talk to us about sourcing and using carbon neutral and renewable materials for your refurbishment. There are also considerations with the types of lights that can be installed and other elements that make your office more environmentally friendly. Having a more sustainable work environment can also provide a more efficient use of energy, saving you money in the long term. 


We can assist clients in all commercial fitout services including but not limited to:


  • Hydraulic/Plumbing Services 
  • Demolition 
  • Mechanical Services 
  • Fire Services 
  • Electrical Services
  • Operable/Acoustic Walls
  • Cabinets/Joinery 
  • Partitioning/Ceilings/Doors 
  • Plastering 
  • Glazing 
  • Painting
  • Tiling 
  • Floor Coverings 
  • Window Furnishings
  • Signage 
  • Security 
  • Audio Visual Services 
  • Loose Furniture etc


We Are The Commercial Fitout Specialists In Perth With Solutions For:


No longer just an office fitout, workplaces have evolved into highly interactive and flexible work hubs that encourages collaboration, creative thinking and employee well-being.

Companies are investing more into their fitouts to attract talent and to gain higher levels of employee satisfaction. 

Most of us spend over a quarter of our time at work. So it makes sense that by creating an enjoyable and enticing workplace, you can enhance work-life quality, increase productivity and boost staff morale.

4D Projects deliver custom or new fitouts from concept to completion.


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We deliver high end fitouts and custom builds highlighting the aesthetic and functional needs of a medical practice for all facets of the medical industry such as general practitioners, dentists, allied health professionals to specialists and surgeons, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to your business during the process. 

When it comes to the many critical considerations a Medical fitout present, we’ve got it all covered. We also understand that a practice is a brand. Market appeal and brand perception are just some competitive advantages we can help you achieve.

A medical fitout design should make your space into a pleasant and comfortable place for your patients and at the same time providing medical care effectively and efficiently.


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Create a practical retail design that is ready for future goals and you create a space for your business to grow.

Our retail design fitout solutions are creative and modern, without detracting attention away from the product you are selling.

We want your customers to be attracted, stay longer and return.

The lighting and flow of your store must contribute to your customers buying decisions. Do you want a stimulated or relaxed atmosphere? Contact us to find out how.


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Having a good atmosphere that makes your customers’ experience enjoyable is crucial for repeat business, especially in hospitality.

We must create a space that reflects the experience that customers are after when they walk into your restaurant, cafe or bar. 

From restaurants to food courts, we understand hospitality. It’s a tough and serious business and the owners, clearly passionate but it’s also surrounded by fun and pleasure.

We can help you entice your patrons to return time and again.


Read What Our Clients Have To Say About Us…


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