Commercial Office & Shop Fitouts


Commercial Fit Out Services Perth

We are proud of the fact that over 80% of our fit out clients in Perth are repeat business and we believe that establishing strong relationships built on trust is paramount. 


Commercial Construction

Not happy with the existing structures in the space you’re renting? The 4D Projects Fitout team are experienced in completing commercial construction projects as part of an office fitout, to make an area work better for your needs within the limitations of your lease.

Project Management

It is Wayne’s job to stay on top of everything happening surrounding the fitout to ensure that no element gets left behind and everything is completed on time and under budget.

Office & Property Maintenance

Maintenance should be more than reactive, it should be proactive. Keeping on top of maintenance for features like safety signs and furniture to ensure they are in proper working order is important to minimise OHS dangers and resulting workplace accidents. 4D Projects offer ongoing office and property maintenance for clients beyond their fitout.

Commercial Defit

If you’re leaving your current office or retail location and need to return the building to the bare bones it had before you moved in and meet the terms of your lease, we can help. A commercial defit can be a large and physically demanding job that can take up more time than you’d expect. The 4D Projects team can defit your old space while we help you fitout your next location.

It just occurred to me
…that, this probably isn’t the first Perth fit out company website you’ve ever visited. 
In fact, you’ve visited so many websites, you’re probably reading this thinking,
“OK, Sonia…so what makes THIS fit out company so special?


Well, I’ll tell ya…first, this isn’t a call us and we’ll get back to you if and when we feel like it kinda company. 

Our team and Wayne are right there with you, helping with EVERY stage of building a new, easier-to-run, high-earning version of your business. 

Have you ever heard that song, “I’m just a phone call away…I’ll be there to save the day? Superman’s got nothing on us…” We are not Superhero’s (or are we? teehee), but we’re just a phone call away if you need us in a hurry. 

My point?

At the end of the first meet on site, you don’t just have more ideas…you’ve got more insights into what it takes to create a more functional, beautiful and productive commercial workspace design that would attract more of the right customers into the door…leaving you plenty of time to take great care of your clients (and enjoy some “me time” once in a while! 

Not only that, but this is WAY MORE than just ideas and resources…it’s a community. Remember the old saying, “It takes a village…?” Well, it takes one to build a successful business fit out, too…and, right here is where you’ll find YOUR hand-picked team of unique contractors who will stand behind you and support you on your journey to freedom: 

That means you get to run your business YOUR way…and, have time to ENJOY what you’ve built.


Book your call and we’ll chat to see if we are a fit




In just a couple of months you could be experiencing a new, powerful, profitable version of your business…and the freedom, success, and joy you deserve from your business! 




We have an excellent reputation for successfully completing projects of any nature, some being design concepts of our own and some being the design initiative of others. 

The experience and expertise achieved by Wayne through 4D Projects has gained respect from its extensive client base all of whom he is proud to be associated with.  

4D Projects has successfully operated under Wayne’s organized management, thus making it a firm that is renowned for its quality and professionalism.

We specialise in corporate interior fit outs, office fitouts, retail shop refurbishments, medical suites, food & beverage outlets and general commercial building projects. 

We offer a single integrated solution to clients who are focused on innovative design, functionality and ease of project delivery.

Our projects range from office interiors, foyers, services upgrades, IT infrastructure, through to whole building refurbishment. 

Regardless of the project size, 4D Projects has the expert knowledge, skills and capabilities to get the job done.

We have been completing commercial fitouts across Perth for the last 29 years and pride ourselves on having a strong reputation for delivering the highest quality of workmanship.