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Professional Commercial Fit Out & Interior Design Process


Our Commercial Fit Out Process goes like this:


To start with, you need to be chatting to one of the best fit out experts in Perth, Western Australia. We’ll send the one and only Wayne Ford to do an initial on-site consultation meet with you to note all your budgets, desires and expectations.

Don’t forget to give Wayne the complete tour of your space along with any plans you may have. He also needs to see any favorite or not so favorite shop fit or office fit pictures and ideas you have been collecting. You need to explain your business’ personality, brand and workflow requirements to set the right expectations for your build.

Wayne and the 4D Projects team specialize in retail fitouts, medical fitouts, office fitouts, and hospitality fitouts.


Site Measure:

Wayne will then do a site measure. Wayne will discuss any planning permissions or regulations you need for your particular workplace fit out process before going ahead and the team will visit your site and finalize the design concept, drafting presentations and time frame for completion. 


Scope Of Works & Cost Estimate:

Wayne will meet with you again to discuss the initial scope of works, construction specifications and detail in the quote, presenting a preliminary cost estimate and payment terms. You both decide on the best service contractors for each task.


Building Contract:

Following that is the signing of the building contract and then Wayne can place orders for materials and awards the contractors.


Schedule Of Works:

Wayne then carefully schedules the works, from manufacture through to supply and installation with total project management of all trade situations.



Finally, you get to check out your finished dream project. Whether you had some simple office partitioning, a completely new shop fitout, reconfigure of your retail space, or much needed renovation to your waiting area, now it is time for a final inspection and the rectifying of any defects.


Post Fitout Maintenance:

We also offer any post fitout and on-going maintenance as required. Feel free to discuss this with Wayne. Our relationship doesn’t have to end here.

We’ve organized this commercial fitouts process to take you on a step-by-step journey that lands at the doorstep of your exciting, low-stress business fit out.

But you don’t have to do all the hard work to get your fit out up and running and impressing your clients. In fact, Wayne and our team will do ALL of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to creating a successful design and fitout that’s just for YOU, on time and on budget, right to hanging the last piece of art.   


In case you’re not familiar, a “4D Projects Commercial Fit Out” is a journey that takes your soon-to-be buyers from,

“Hi! Nice to meet you” to, “I want to buy EVERYTHING you sell!”


And that involves a lot of researching, data analysis, and tech headaches that would probably make you fall asleep at the laptop. 

So, to make it even easier for you to complete your fit out without committing to a whole bunch of extra work… we have no hesitation in recommending Wayne and our team (renowned for their attention to detail) to design your customized fit out process FOR you! 

That’s right… it’s like getting the gift of a fully-trained, experienced personal assistant working for you 24/7… except that you don’t have to pay your personal assistant or give her days off!


OKAY, sounds pretty sa’weet, what do I do next?



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